To note: For anti-magnetic splice: use screws and inserts made of non-magnetic stainless steel

Clip’N Lock Fasteners

Clip’N Lock is a low profile light duty fastener.  It maintains the normal pitch that ensures and excellent gripping of the claws in wide belts, with 2 additional features due to its design:-double rows of teeth for additional strength-meander design : eliminates risk of losing claws

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MLT Super Screw Made Easy


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MLT - MS Fasteners
​Galvanized steel and Nonmagnetic stainless steel available
​From 250 to 800 PIW


  • No costly tooling, only a powered screwdriver
    ​Quickly installed = shortened breakdown repair time.


  • No pre Drilling / no template
  • Installed by screwing directly
  • Belt is clamped by fastener itself
  • Rubber belts can be repaired and back to work immediately
  • Can be installed closer to the carcass after rubber covers are skived off
  • Turn belt upside down for more leak proof and long life installation


Meander design (continuously connected design), developed by Minet Lacing Technology’s R&D:

  • eliminates risk of losing claws
  • helps maintain pitch in wide belts
  • perfect for tough belts

33% more grip point’s gives 15% more additional strength than standard fasteners.

  • Wear and cut resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Flexible
  • Can be used for a bridge even with different belt
  • carcass thickness 
  • Suitable for high=heat belt up to 392 degree F
  • Compatible for small pulley diameter
  • Compatible with conveyor scrapper 
  • Leak proof
  • Many rubber qualities available
MLT Super-Screw : splice and patch

MLT has developed the SUPER-SCREW.  It is a flexible rubber splice to screw on to the belt.  MLT specific screws are self-drilling and self-tapping (they spread the carcass threads without cutting them).

The screwing system allows SUPER-SCREW to be installed regardless of the:

  • configuration of conveyor belt
  • access conditions
  • weather conditions

The SUPER-SCREW significantly reduces downtime. It is available in different qualities of rubber. Simple and practical the SUPER-SCREW IS versatile!

MLT MS 25 fastener for Round hay balers

  • Designed for quick field installation without need for special tools.  
  • Installation with self-tapping screws without drilling holes
  • No boring the belt
  • No template



Without need of physical strength 

Quick installation (saves downtime) 

Under all weather conditions  

Using battery, electric or pneumatic screw driver

No need for expensive equipment

No need of highly skilled operator 

No drilling preparation, no template

Self tapping screws

Perfect for tubular belt 

Available in roll or ready to use cut lengths